Power Washing

House Washing

Dirt can make even a new home look old and neglected. No matter what type of exterior your house has, it can become dirty after exposure to wind, dust, pollution and smoke from your chimney or grill. Pressure washing uses a powerful stream of water to blast these elements off the surface of your siding. New Hope is your source for high-quality power washing services that will restore the appearance of your property and make it look like new.

The benefits of power washing are many. Not only does your home look clean and new, but power washing also:

  • Improves your home’s curb appeal
  • Helps raise the resale value
  • Protects your family’s health by removing mold and mildew

Driveway & Patio Pressure Washing

New Hope can help you reclaim your home with the best concrete cleaning services. Over time, dirt, grease and grime can glom onto your concrete structures, making them look weathered. We will get rid of the gunk that accumulates on your driveway, patio or sidewalks.

Don’t let mold and bacteria make your concrete surfaces look dingy and old. Regain the clean-cut look of concrete with our pressure washing services.

Wooden & Composite Deck and Patio Washing

Knock out your fences and your deck or patio in one fell swoop.

New Hope can power wash your deck or patio, regardless of the material of which it’s made. If your patio is made of concrete, we can clean it. If your patio is made of composite material, you can count on us. If your deck is constructed out of wood, we can power wash it back to a fresh new look.

Plus, pressure washing wooden decking is ideal preparation for applying a stain.